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How much vitamin K2 is there in Kefir?

Is there vitamin K2 in kefir? We will start with Chris Kresser's blog where he published a good general introduction about the benefits of kefir[1]. He mentions it is rich in vitamin K2 but when you check out the reference provided[2], there's no mention anywhere in that article of vitamin K , K2 or menaquinones. Further down in Kresser's blog comments, a few of his blog readers are also wondering if there is actually any K2.

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the plastic plague

The current production for plastic is currently estimated to more than 400 million tonnes per year. Worse, its growth is exponential. Half of all the plastic ever produced was produced in the last 13 years. And by 2050, we will have 4 times more plastic waste than we ever have produced to this day.

The packaging industry is the largest producer of plastic with about 40% of the total plastic production and it is also the largest contributor to primary plastic waste with single-use containers.

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