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improved security, privacy and lower CO₂ footprint

Security and Privacy

In order to provide for improved security and privacy, we moved our website and mail server hosting to Switzerland. We are now hosted with a GDPR compliant provider, their datacenter is located in Zurich, it meets FINMA-RS 08/07 requirements and it is ISO-27001 certified.


The datacenter is powered by hydropower, 100% CO₂-neutral, the remainder of their emissions is offset through

Cookies and banner

The cookie banner is now displayed only if you are visiting from an EU country, that's required by the european ePrivacy directive.

No cookies are set by default. If you want to shop on our website, you must opt-in for cookies as they are needed to secure the transaction.

If you are visiting from another continent, we won't annoy you with this cookie banner nonsense.

You can verify privacy settings from our website with these independent third parties testers:

privacyscore results

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