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Most webshop owners write in their privacy policy that they may share your visits with third-parties. The website allows you to see what this really means and this is the result you would get for an average webshop:

an average webshop: 71 cookies 131 third-party requests and 52 third-parties contacted
a shocking amount of cookies and third-parties when you visit an average webshop


On the opposite, this is what dataskydd has to tell about

on, no third-parties involved
just you and me!

You do not have to believe these screenshots, you can check again for yourself at this address:

You can try a similar check here too:

We respect "Do not track" requests. For visitors who do not enable "Do not track", their visits are counted and anonymised with Matomo fully hosted on our website, this database is not shared with any third-party.

If you decide to share your email with us, we will not share it with a third-party service, you will not receive mails with tracker links such as

Our share button images at the bottom of articles and products are not third-parties plugins, they are fully hosted on

And we do not use url shorteners to avoid sharing your browsing with a third-party.

For further details, you can take a look at our privacy policy.

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