Kalamon Olives 250g

London International Table Olives Competition 2020 Gold Award

"Everything began as an idea during our studies at the Agricultural University of Athens; a series of products from our region, Messinia, one of the most fertile pieces of land in the Mediterranean. The olive tree and the verdant olive groves are our main source of inspiration. With the extra virgin olive oil, we will spread the aromas and flavors of Greek nature all over the world. Our aspiration is to treat the Kalamata olives as a jewel, because we consider them as our Black Pearls!"


Kristina Mitropoulou Black Pearls


Black Pearls Kalamon Olives are harvested from an extremely fruitful class of olive trees, perfectly managed using integrated systems and methods. These methods, combined with a meticulous selection process, a long fermentation period with our traditional family recipe, and a high-standard and certified bottling process (Food Safety System Certification – FSSC 22000), gives us a top-notch fruit, suitable for the consumer who demands high-nutrition foods on their diet.

The first contact with the product is through vision; the large size of the olive fruit (Colossal and Giant categories) traditionally treated with brine, fulfill our expectations. Then, by using the sense of smell, we discover the aromas of the whole healthy olive fruit. Finally, by tasting the Pearls, we realize the crusty, crunchy and fibrous full body of Black Pearls Kalamon Olives.

In addition to the above characteristics, the fruit has antioxidant and cardioprotective effects due to high levels of polyphenols. This is certified by the University of Athens after chemical analysis performed, the results of which you can find here.

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