Warana Guarana organic powder 65g

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  •     Powerful physical and cerebral energiser
  •     intellectual concentration
  •     support of the metabolism
  •     supplement for low-calorie diets

Ingredients: Organic Guarana powder (stone of the fruit of the Paullina Cupana var. Sorbilis), organic marine capsule.
no additives or preservatives.

Guayapi markets a wild harvested Warana, from its native land, stamped "Sateré Mawé".

This logo guarantees the origin and exceptional quality of this product, thanks to the quality of the land and its environment, and the traditional methods used (wild harvesting, gentle cooking in clay ovens for 6 days and 6 nights, fumigation ...).

Powerful physical and cerebral energiser without excitement or irritation thanks to the ancestral methods used, it helps to undertake, concentrate, study, memorise, stay alert, negotiate, be efficient, have a better elocution and stay awake (parties), and helps to control one's weight.

The Warana, Guarana of the Sateré Mawé Indians, was elected Presidium by Slow Food. In the kitchen: in a fruit cocktail, vinaigrette, combined with Amazon nut oil, tarbu juice, on hot chocolate or tiramisu...

To be combined with Gomphrena and Muirapuama to benefit from the best of the plants.

The Waranà, Guarani Denomination of Controlled Origin, is a mythical and mystical treasure of the Amazon.

Physical and cerebral energizer without excitement or irritation thanks to the ancestral methods used, rich in guaranine and a source of trace elements, the Waranà helps to undertake, concentrate, study, stay alert, negotiate, have a better speech, stay up late (celebration and parties), and to control one’s weight.

It is therefore suitable for students, workers, creative people, businessmen and women, artists, sportsmen and women.

The Sateré Mawé Indigenous People , with whom we have been working at GUAYAPI since 1993, have been watching over it for thousands of years. They are the ones who discovered and domesticated the liana as an edible shrub thousands of years ago.

The Waranà of the Sateré Mawé Indigenous has a beautiful off-white colour and it is described by oenologists as having the bitterness of dandelion and the consistency of chestnut. It sharpens the senses, as ancient tastes know how to do, and potentiates the virtues of the foods with which it is associated.

The Sateré Mawé Indigenous People possess the ancestral know-how of cultivating the plant. They are the inventors of the technique for the domestication of Waranà, a cultural and natural heritage of the whole of humanity.

The Sateré Mawé Indians, in partnership with GUAYAPI since 1993, are the Guardians of the World Waranà Gene Bank.

Since 2016 the Waranà Sateré Mawé has been the subject of a Denominação de Origem at the National Institute of Industrial Property in Brazil, the Brazilian equivalent of French AOC (Denomination of Controlled Origin).

For more information on the Waranà Project: http://www.nusoken.com



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Directions for use: 1 teaspoon of powder to be mixed in a cold drink, in a compote, a yoghurt or in food. Punctually before the effort or daily for periods of 1 to 3 weeks.
At the rate of one teaspoon per day this 65g can of Powder lasts 1 month and a half.


Energy value: Kcal 370/KJ 1548
Fat: 2.4 g;
of which saturated fatty acids: 0,2 g
Carbohydrates: 73.3 g;
Of which sugars: 1.7 g
Protein: 13.9 g
Salt: 0 g

Potassium: 445 mg
Phosphorus: 383 mg
Vitamin PP: 1.63 mg
Guaranine: > 4,5 g

Flavours: The bitterness of dandelion with the consistency of chestnut. Subtle refreshing smoky notes that delight the taste buds. A salty, authentic mouthfeel.
Origin: Amazon, wild harvested.
Part used: fruit stone.

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